Birthday Gift Thank You

Christmas Gift Thank You

Birthday Gift Sample Thank You Notes


Dear Uncle Joe,

Thanks so much for the sleeping bag! It will be perfect for camping, which I plan to do a lot this summer. It was very thoughtful of you, and it's most definitely one of my favorite gifts.

Thanks again.




Dear Jennifer,

The cap you gave me is stunning! I just can't believe you sewed that yourself. It is so unique and I have gotten many compliments while wearing it. Thank you, whenever I wear the cap I will most definitely think of you.

Best wishes,


Dear Ruth,

Hey you won’t believe what I am wearing now! Yes the lovely scarf you sent me for my 36th birthday. It is simply gorgeous and since the color is so neutral I can wear it with anything that I have in closet.

Thank you for your thoughtful gift.

Please give my best to Jeff.




Dear Judy,

You are truly a sweetie for remembering my birthday! I wasn’t sure how turning the big 40 was going to be like until your gift arrived. Imagine my surprise when the Merry Maids showed up and there you were all smiles asking me to get ready so we could go out  for my birthday breakfast while the maids cleaned. You are indeed a gem of a friend, thank you.



Dear Auntie Maggie,

Thanks for sending me the ___________. It’s fantastic. You pick the coolest gifts. You totally rock. Thanks again.

Your loving niece



Dearest Uncle Jack

I would like to thank you for the _______ you sent me for my birthday. It was so cool of you to take the time to pick out a gift for me. You are the best! Thanks again.

Love always,



Dear Janey,

Thank you for the wonderful __________. Each time I use it, I will most definitely think of you. Your thoughtfulness and ability to choose the perfect gift consistently amazes me. Thanks again.

Your friend,



Dear Joanne,

It was very thoughtful of you to remember my birthday and for sending me the lovely bracelet. Your choice of the sterling silver instead of gold was exactly what I wanted. Seriously I love it. Thank you so much.

Your friend always,



Dear Felicity,

Thank you for the unique gift. It must have taken you quite some time to source for it. You even remembered that I had been looking to buy a dragonfly pendant. Your gift was an unexpected and lovely surprise. I love it. Thanks.

Thank You Note for Gag Gift

• Thanks for the hilarious dribble glass. I am definitely going to use it on my mom next week. You’re so cool. Thanks again.

Thank you for contribution to charity in your honor

• The generous donation that you made to the (Kidney Foundation) in honor of my birthday is very much appreciated. Your kind act made my birthday much more of a celebration. Thank you my kind-hearted and thoughtful friend.

• Thank you for kind donation to (The Children’s Hospital) in honor of my 50th birthday. Your generosity is one of the reason I adore you as a friend. Thank you again.

Thank you for the birthday gift certificate/ gift card.

• I would like to say thanks for the Borders gift certificate [or gift card]. It was really very generous of you, you know how much I love books and will definitely use your gift the first chance I get. Thanks again.

Thank you for the money.

• Thank you so much, grandma for the generous gift of [$dollar amount]. You cannot imagine how happy I was when I opened your letter today. Now I get to buy the jacket I have been saving up for. Thanks! I love you.

Thank You for Attending my Birthday Party

• Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me. It wouldn't have been as much fun without you. Your presence is always a joy and having you at the party definitely made the day much more special. Thanks again.

• I just want you to know that I am glad you could make it to my birthday celebration. It was great to celebrate my birthday with such a dear friend as you. Thank you.

• Thank you so much for coming to my birthday, I know you had to take some time out from your work to attend it. The best birthday present I could ever have is you at my party. Thank you.

• Thank you so much for dropping by my birthday party.  I was not to excited about turning 60 but having your there made the day worth while. Hope you had a wonderful time too. The party wouldn’t have been the same without you. Thanks again.

• I wanted to write to let you know it was wonderful getting to see you on Sunday. You know how I dread birthdays but with you around, things were definitely better. I appreciate you taking the trouble to make the trip.

Thanks again.

Thank You for Throwing Birthday Party

To my dear friends,

I would just like to express sincere thanks to all of you for the surprise party last night. I really appreciate the trouble you went through to make my birthday celebration such a success. I am so touch by the tremendous turn out. Truly a wonderful surprise

Thank you so much. I am indeed very lucky to have you as friends and neighbors!



My Dearest Family,

I very much want to say thank you for throwing such a wonderful birthday BBQ for me. You truly know me well, and knew that I would love something informal like this. And imagine my surprise when I saw that you had invited all my former classmates as well.

What you did for me, I shall forever remember and of course all of you there makes it even more special. I cherish and appreciate all that you did, the amount of time you must have spent preparing all my favorite foods and the decorations were lovely.

Lots of love to you all.